How We Work

We use various latest verified procedures to make your Internet video marketing promotion a sensation.

White Melon in-house filmmaking team carries some of the latest available equipment including HD Cameras, Wireless Audio-Gear, Portable Lighting, etc., and the industry’s best post-production tools. Our Team works in a transparent manner, so that you are aware of what you are getting into, and what you will get out of it.

How we do it is:

promotion image

1. Promotion Design

Our first discussion will be with regard to understanding you and your want. We will set a baseline as to what you want communicated with the Video. We will determine the possible shoot-sites, on-screen aptitude, required personnel and added resources.


draft image

2. Draft Composition

Our expert production Design Team will create the script for your approval, translate it onto a story-board, and determine the extent of videography and animation that would be essential. An Easy-to-comprehend, artistic and appealing draft will be composed.



prepo image

3. Pre-Production

On the scheduled date and at the scheduled time, our Pre-Production Team will stage the settings, lighting, cameras and other equipment. Equipment is tested, and required resources for the production are kept in place.




4. Production

Our high-definition video tools and state-of-the-art sound gear are set to roll with the appropriate narration and screenplay and selected filming. Our Director will be supervising the whole procedure, that should last for a few hours at max; taking the least of you time.


post image

5. Post-Production

This is a crucial stage of video creation. We have the industry’s best digital tools and expert professionals, who edit the shoot, and tweak the video with necessary effects to make it pleasing to view, subtle but strongly impactive, and appropriately designed and synced to reach out to the viewer effectively.



6. Completion and Implementation

Our creation team will encode the final video in the required format in maximum quality (or as per size requirements). The video file is hosted at our end, which can be availed with links or embedded into your web pages. You could opt for the video to be embedded in ‘auto-play’ mode (the video starts streaming when the web page is loaded), or ‘click to play’ mode (the viewer has to initiate the video stream by clicking the “play” button), or ‘click to enlarge and play’ mode (where the video can be viewed in a separate instance with a larger display on clicking “play”).