White Melon offers services other than Internet Videos as well. We have a well knit experienced Production and Design Unit that cater to your Movie requirements.

Different kinds of Videos serve different purposes. Placing the right kind of video in the right context is an essential factor in expanding your business. The same video created for your website does not really serve the purpose when included at other key locations; it is required to make sensible snippets conveying a clear picture that 'calls to action' the viewer. Interactive videos do not merely imply ones that include a link to your homepage at the end, or one that reveals you contact information for the viewer to reach you at. Appropriate connotations, video positioning, encapsulated content and well presented visual aids are the way to tackle the relevant audience, urging relevant response from them.

Then again, going for the right kind of video comes with a prerequisite of penning down the intent of the video before the creation phase. From scratch (the storyboard) to finish (delivery and positioning), these outcomes need to be embedded in your planning and execution, to serve the right purpose