Web Videos


Web Videos For obvious reasons of visibility and to captivate on an expanded customer base. Research shows higher statistics from Social Networking Sites in respect of Views, full-length views, Clicks, Sharing, Comments, Viewer Conversion, New Customer Correspondence and other such aspects that you could tap with effective videos from White Melon

Internet Commercials are the best way to promote your business online, and viral videos give you maximum visibility!

Video Hosting

White Melon offers hosting your videos on leading hosts on the Internet. All videos we host here are accessible with a simple code to embed a video stream in your web page. You could embed the video in our player, include it in your custom player, or as simple hyperlinks wherever necessary.


You could avail the White Melon promotion and distribution services in our packages. With this, we will engage in advertising you on our website and distributing your video across a multitude of Video Hosts including YouTube, Vimeo, YahooVideo, etc., and various Social Networking Sites including FaceBook, Orkut, Twitter, etc. We will also advertise you in our articles and Social Networking sites.

Basic tracking and Analytics will give us statistics regarding the activity provoked by our Video. This would help improvise the content, quality and locating the video online.

Basic tracking and Analytics will give us statistics regarding the activity provoked by our Video. This would help improvise the content, quality and locating the video online.

The White Melon player has features that allow an interactive interface with the viewer; the viewer can share the video on his social networking profiles, his blogs, his articles etc, mail the video link to his contacts and even share comments about the video. This is indirect distribution by reference that spreads your value and increases your visibility.

Including required Metadata, Tags and Titles for your video, we will optimize it for Search Engines by using some standard legal VSEO tools and techniques. Our custom Distribution packages can be designed to effectively use the vastness of SEO, SEM and SMM to take your business on a trip of exponential growth

White Melon will soon launch advertising services to manage your social networking profiles for optimized visibility and to ensure that you reach out to your relevant potential audience.


There are three main ways to build an audience: the old way and the new ways.

1. The first is a retail approach where viewers watch your videos on your site and your network channels. This is historically how publishers have built audiences.
2. The second is through wholesale partnerships, which are facilitated by MRSS. (RSS – or Real Simple Syndication – has change the way users consume content and publishers ingest and distribute content. Analogously, MRSS – or simply Media RSS – was designed in 2004 by Yahoo! and the Media RSS community. Unbelievably, it has made distributing videos even easier than syndicating text content).
3. The third is through social media: be it bloggers and/or social media referrers on Facebook, Twitter and the countless other outlets.

YouTube pioneered the embedding and viral distribution of video. It is certainly true that bloggers are the new “newspaper editors” who can make or break a producer. Similarly, the same way that MySpace helped build YouTube’s success at the macro level, social media referrers will help a video take off on the micro level.

Whether you look at the huge success of online video sharing sites such as YouTube, user-generated news destinations like Digg, or social networking services as typified by MySpace, the new web is all about social media. Media made by the people, for the people, and in a constant dialogue with the people.