Promotional videos and AVs



AVs are inspirational videos made by compiling stock footages. Whether you're having the launch of a new shop/outlet, new product/service or an event with your clients or just your own employees, an AV comes in handy. Usually of short duration (2-4 minutes), our AVs will help you kick start any meeting.

The soul of an AV is in making it as inspirational and simple as possible since the only two entities speaking will be the music and the visuals. Hence we strive to get our concept right. With a solid, fail-proof concept, there's every reason why our AVs should rejuvenate the gathering at any meetings.

For training purposes and for motivating your teams, Audio Visuals serve the best aids.

White Melon Audio-Visuals include Powering-Up music and visual content, with apt and clear Voice-Overs and Animation that is sure to meet your needs!

Promotional Videos

We provide Middle-School advertising for broadcast, tele-Marketing and content to include in your correspondence packages.

A promotional film tells the story of a product/service. It involves establishing the brand of the product/service, depicting the facilities/production units, processes/good practices, uses/applications and most importantly testimonials from existing clients.

Just like a corporate film, a promotional film can only be made unique with a unique script. Whether it involves symbolisms, non-narrative presentations or a straight forward narration, we strive to make them as unique as possible.

How effective is your Marketing pitch? How do you perceive this effectiveness will increase if you include a Video that gives gives your client not mere information but an Experience? Embed a Marketing Video in your outgoing pdf's and ensure effective communication, which will increase the likeliness of tie-ups.

How better to educate a Viewer than videos? Reach out to your audience's subconscious with impactive videos.